Friday, October 15, 2010

Last night with Nu Sensae,

last night was a rad show, Sloppy Cock, Animal Eye also played. We were offered to play on tuesday at a place of worship with Cowards (canada), Nasa and Total Fang after our set and we might play.

We'll keep ya'll posted.

Thanks for showing up last night though it was a fun show.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Oct 1st Show Review. Thanks Ditch!

NASA Space Universe – Vex – Flytraps – Pacifists – Antipilon – at The Opening of A Place Of Worship – Garden Grove, CA

October 1, 2010
The Opening of A Place Of WorshipA Place of Worship is a new DIY venue in Orange County's city of Garden Grove. It's in a small warehouse space and with a limited lease, it's a perfect temporary place for smaller Punk shows to occur while it's open. On Friday, October 1 the venue opened its door with an eclectic showcase of local Punk bands.

After a band called Antipilon played the Pacifists kicked things up with their fucked up brand of Hardcore Punk. As they got ready to start their set friends in the audience lit sparklers and the red lights were turned on.

Pacifists have a considerably darker and more disturbing tone than any of their young peers in the Orange County Punk scene and their sound is not far off from early YDI or Murder Junkies. Their image is straight out of an 80's movie and it gives them sort of a Lost Boys (the movie) vibe. They are definitely one of the more unique and exciting bands around.

The all female band, Flytraps played their take on Garage Rock and Punk which at times had a sort of Them/Shadows of the Night feel. Their main singer/rhythm guitarist, Marz had a broken leg and toughed out their set hopping on one foot until a friend/fan offered himself as a chair and she sat on his back for a few songs. Flytraps have some cool Surfy guitar leads and played a solid set.

They were followed by the two piece, keyboard driven Vex who played a crazy brand of arty Industrial Punk that was somewhere between Depeche Mode, Happy Flowers, and the Screamers. Their cover of the Germs' "Forming" was a crowd pleaser.

NASA Space Universe closed out the night with their brutal experimental Punk with an energetic response from the audience.
Big Wheel Managing Editor

The opening of A Place Of Worship was a great success and it looks like shows at this new venue will give Orange County Punks something to look forward to.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

October Shows @ A Place Of Worship

5 bucks. 11622 Salinaz Ave.

The Vex
The Flytraps
The Pacifists

Green Apple Tree
The Pacifists

Nu Sensae
The Pacifists
Okie Dokie

Francis Harold & the Holograms
The Pacifists
Green Screen Door

Device Recordings
Levi Prarrie
Hindu Pirates
The Pacifists